CyberKey Programming

We are a certified provider of CyberLock.

CyberKey Base Station

(For Use with CyberAudit 2.0)

CyberLock programming options. With CyberAudit 2.0 communication between the locks, keys and software can be done at the computer using the CyberKey Base Station.

CyberKey Authorizer

(For Use with either CyberAudit 2.0 or CyberAudit-Web)

CyberKey Authorizer makes it easy to manage frequent key expirations allowing for a high degree of key control. Lost keys occur frequently, and pose a security risk for any facility. CyberKeys, unlike mechanical keys, can be set to expire at a particular time. If a key is lost at 11:00 on Friday morning, but expires at 5:00 that afternoon, the potential risk is reduced.

CyberKey Authorizer provides an easy way to expire keys frequently: weekly, daily, hourly, or even by the minute. Once the system is set up, the software manages expirations automatically. Each time a user presents the key to the Authorizer for updating, a new expiration date is automatically set in the key.

For large installations, Authorizer provides a way to communicate with keys over a wide area, and still manage the system from one central computer. Authorizer consists of two parts: the hub and the keyport. The Authorizer hub connects to the host computer either via Ethernet or via its built-in modem. In network installations, the hub and the database synchronize every few minutes. In modem installations, the hub receives instructions from the host computer on a regular basis, and stores these instructions in memory. The Authorizer hub connects to one or two keyports. Keyports can be installed wherever it is convenient for CyberKey users, indoors or outdoors. Keyports consist of a CyberKey connection, a numeric keypad, and a display. Each time a user inserts a key into the keyport and enters a PIN, the program information in the key is updated and the log of events is transferred to the computer via the hub.

Infrared Remote Programming

(For Use with CyberAudit-Web Only)

The requirements are any device with an IR Port and Internet Access can become a remote CyberKey Programmer such as Cell Phones, PDA's, Laptop, and Desktop Computers.