CyberLock Cylinder Types

We are a certified provider of CyberLock.

Cylinders for Doorways

Enter the world of CyberLock through the front door! CyberLock cylinders for doorways are the first place most people begin. The cylinder cannot be picked, provides an audit trail of activity, and requires no wiring. You can retrofit knob or lever locks that require Schlage 6-pin and Yale 6- or 7-pin format cylinders. Other door hardware options include rim and mortise cylinders in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Interchangeable Core Cylinders

Whether in a door application or providing access to a cabinet, the CyberLock Interchangeable Core cylinder is a powerful product. CyberLock IC cores come in a variety of formats, and are a great solution for commercial applications.

Cylinders for Padlocks

One of the most useful and powerful applications for CyberLock is in a padlock! Now you have an intelligent padlock to control access to your meters, control boxes, and outside gates. CyberLock offers a weather-resistant cylinder designed specifically for padlocks. It resists corrosion, and holds up under rough treatment. The same key that opens the front door of your office now opens the padlock on your delivery truck or back gate.

CyberLock Safe Locks

Imagine it - all the functionality of CyberLock applied to a safe! Locks can be programmed for time delay, or to require more than one key before opening. Of course, all your favorite CyberLock features are standard: audit trail, personalized access schedules, and no external wiring. Better still, a CyberLock safe lock application can be stand-alone, or can be part of a facility-wide installation.

Cylinders for Cabinets

Cabinets, boxes, containers, and display cases all call for a standard cam, a cam with unique directional action, or a cam with a hook latch. The CyberLock hook latch cam was originally designed for fare boxes on buses and light rail cars. Cam locks are found on jewelry display cases, medical cabinets, and server cabinets. No wiring required and full access control provided!

Specialty & Custom Applications

Requests for CyberLock access control solutions span the globe! Whether a Japanese Miwa, an Australian oval, or a cylinder for a South African payphone, the manufacturing the locks you require (from switch locks for elevators, to removable plug locks for ticket vending machines, to variations on standard locks) can be explored.

We can also provide CyberLocks for maglocks, electric strikes, and ignition kill switch for vehicles.

CyberPoint® for Security Guard Rounds

The installation of CyberPoints provides you with a ready-made security guard tour solution, and increases the value of your existing CyberLock system. As with CyberLock cylinders, no wiring is required. CyberPoints are easily installed into walls, gates, doorways, or posts along a guard route.

The guard, walking with a CyberKey in hand, simply touches the CyberPoint to record in both the key and the CyberPoint where he stopped along his tour. He can also use the key to open doors, if needed.