About CyberLock

We are a certified provider of CyberLock.

CyberLock electronic cylinders replace standard mechanical cylinders.

Each CyberLock cylinder is an electronic version of a standard mechanical lock cylinder. Installing the cylinder into the lock hardware is as simple as removing the existing mechanical cylinder and replacing it with the CyberLock cylinder.

No wiring or battery is required at the lock.

The lock installs without wiring of any kind, and does not contain a battery. The power required to open a lock comes from the battery in the key. CyberKeys use a 3-volt lithium battery, easily replaceable in the field.

CyberLocks cannot be picked.

CyberLocks have no keyway, and cannot be picked like a mechanical lock. Dirt and moisture will not interfere with the operation of the cylinder. CyberLocks resist forced rotation, and are designed to remain in the locked position if tampered with.


CyberKeys cannot be duplicated.

It is not possible to create a duplicate of a CyberKey. Passwords in the software and hardware are unique to each installation, and protect against creation of unauthorized keys. And, although two keys in the system can be programmed alike, each one will make its own unique record of events in the software.

Each key contains a list of locks it can open, with days and times.

The CyberKeys are programmed with the access privileges for each user. A standard key holds a list of up to 3,300 locks the user can open, with the schedule of days and times they are allowed in.

Keys can be assigned a begin date and an expiration date.

This means keys can be issued before they begin working, and can be set to expire at a particular time in the future. Setting short-term expiration dates on keys is an excellent way to minimize risk due to lost or misplaced keys.

A record of all events is stored in both the locks and the keys.

Each time a key is used at a lock, a record of the lock ID, date, and time is stored in the key, and a record of the key ID, date, and time is stored in the lock. The key stores up to 3,900 of the most recent access events, and the lock stores the most recent 1100 access events. Locks and keys also record when an unauthorized person attempted to open the lock.

One Key . . . Many Locks

One key opens doorways, padlocks, cabinets, safes, vending machines, and more! The complete line of cylinders allows controlling access to much more than just doorways. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the durable CyberLock tracks and controls access to padlocked gates, safes, cash drawers, server cabinets, fare boxes, freight trucks, and vending machines . . .

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