CyberAudit Web

We are a certified provider of CyberLock.

CyberAudit-Web is a browser-based system, designed for large, geographically widespread, or mobile applications. CyberAudit-Web is accessible by browser from anywhere in the world, either over an internal network or the internet. Not only is the software accessible from virtually any location, user keys can be programmed from nearly any location using a cellular phone.

CyberAudit-Web is a management system for more complexly structured or enterprise level CyberLock systems.

CyberAudit-Web is recommended for use when:
  • The system will be managed by a hierarchy of administrators.
  • The system is spread over a wide geographical area.
  • There are a large number of locks, keys, and communication devices.
  • A mobile workforce will be using cellular communication for key programming and downloading.
  • It is necessary to program a key for access only at the time of access, for high-security applications such as cash handling.
CyberAudit-Web goes beyond the functionality of CyberAudit 2.0, and offers you:
  • On-demand access: use cell phones to program user keys in the field, increasing the security and efficiency of your workforce.
  • Hierarchy of administrators: give each person in the management chain control over their own locks, keys, and access permissions independently, while allowing top administrators to view the entire system.
  • Internet access: log on from any location—your office, your home, the field office—to view and manage CyberLocks and CyberKeys.
  • Choices on how you use it: install and manage your own CyberAudit-Web system, or work with Peifer Safe & Lock on a monthly service basis.

CyberLock Demo

A 24 minute Powerpoint presentation on CD can be made available to you. This presentation gives you an in-depth overview of CyberLock and its advantages. We have an online version of the presentation however, if you prefer, we would be glad to send you a copy of the Powerpoint files. If you would be interested in receiving a copy of this presentation, please attach your name, address and phone number to this .