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This item is considered a hazardous material in the shipping process and as such Peifer Safe and Lock will not sell the product directly. This product is recommended by Medeco as the best lubricant for any Medeco brand lock and available on the open market under the name FluidFilm.
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Medeco high security cylinders with exacting tolerances require routine maintenance to ensure smooth operation. Medeco exclusively recommends the use of FLUID FILM® to lubricate all Medeco cylinders. FLUID FILM® is a fast acting, invasive and long lasting lubricant that provides lubricity up to 10 times longer than other products when applied to high-use locking devices. FLUID FILM® is readily available world-wide and is the only cylinder lubricant used in the Medeco factory.

Cylinder Cleaning:

Prior to lubrication, locks that are dirty or oily should be cleaned with a quality electrical contact cleaner, while locks that are extremely dirty or oily may have to be completely disassembled. It is therefore recommended that only Medeco Factory Certified Locksmiths (such as Peifer Safe and Lock) disassemble Medeco cylinders.

How to Lubricate:

  • Shake can well with nozzle opening pointing away from the face.
  • Place the plastic spray tube against the keyway opening and press the nozzle down using a very brief burst of spray.
  • Allow the lubricant to penetrate the cylinder for 10 seconds before inserting the key. Wipe away excess lubricant with a cloth if necessary.
  • Operate the key in the cylinder several times to ensure dispersement of the lubricant.
  • It is also recommended to clean the sidebar area of the cylinder: Insert the key and turn 90 degrees clockwise. Place the end of the plastic spray tube as close as possible to the top shoulder of the key. Spray with a quick burst. This will clean and lubricate the sidebar slot on the inside surface of the cylinder’s shell.

How Often to Lubricate:

Frequency of lubrication depends on location of the cylinder, weather conditions and amount of use. A lock installed on an interior door that is only used a couple times a day should be lubricated once a year. A lock installed on the exterior entrance door of an apartment with several hundred tenants and freezing weather conditions should be lubricated at least 4 times a year or anytime the key is difficult to insert or turn.


Medeco is not responsible for damage to the lock caused by foreign matter other than Medeco approved lubricants or by accident, theft, misuse, abuse, or abnormal use or conditions.

  • 2.25 ounce or 11.75 ounce spray cans
  • FluidFilm Lubricant


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